The Bug Man

Mid-Michigan’s Premier
Termite & Pest Control Specialists

The Bug Man, Inc. is a local company with an excellent reputation. We are committed to quality service at a reasonable price. We are here to solve your pest problems in and around your home or business, and we strive to do this in the most ethical, cost-effective, and timely manner possible.

The Bug Man Inc. was started in 1985 in Adrian, Michigan. We opened a second office in Mason in 1987. The Adrian office was sold in 1998 and we no longer have a presence in Lenawee County. The Bug Man is owned by Steve Harmon (President), Bob Yoakam (Treasurer), and Don Whelpley.

Meet Our Pest Exterminators


Steve (President)


Bob (Treasurer)







Our Code of Ethics

* Honor – We do not take advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge, or fears. If we feel a treatment is unnecessary, we say so.

* Promptness – Our goal is to be on time. If we think we will be more than 10 minutes late we will attempt to call the customer.

* Friendliness – We are willing to answer the questions and speak to the specific concerns of our customers.

* Customer Satisfaction – We work hard to maintain our excellent reputation with our customers.

* Professionalism – We understand that we are working with potentially dangerous chemicals. We know the risks to ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we take the precautions necessary to reduce the risks and to make sure that the pesticides are used in a manner consistent with their labeling.