Our Respray Policy

Our Respray Policy Several factors can cause problems which are beyond the ability of your technician to control. If you are one of the 10% who need a respray you may wonder why we charge extra for that service. 1. BUG FACTOR: Although your technician studies pest books, reads the trade journals, attends continuing education […]


Resources About Insects While we all know that in our homes bugs can be pests and need to be dealt with for our comfort and health, we also recognize that insect life is part of God’s creation and bugs are truly fascinating creatures! Here are some links to help you learn more about them, especially […]

“Green” Pest Control

Green Pest Control PREVENTION: The “greenest” type of pest control is pest prevention. Many people unwittingly invite pests into their homes or create environments in or near their homes which are conducive to pest infestations. Let us look at just one cause of pest infestation, MULCH…home after home has this material sitting immediately next to the […]

Pest Prevention Notes

Pest Prevention Notes (non-toxic) 1. GRADING/DRY ZONEThe simplest way to reduce insects in your home is to reduce moisture next to your foundation. This has other benefits as well (such as, less moisture inside the basement or crawl space). Grade the first 3 to 6 feet next to your foundation; there should be a drop of […]

Pantry Pest Instructions

Pantry Pest Instructions More people are purchasing Organic Foods. Although this may be healthier for humans it also may be “healthier” for pests. We expect the instances of stored product pests to increase as a result. Insects can infest and destroy many “food” products. To name a few … Grains, cheese, seeds, nuts, flour products, […]

Roach Instructions

Roach Instructions GERMAN COCKROACHES Most of the cockroaches we treat are of this variety. They like where people live and the food people eat. They reproduce exceedingly well at the temperatures we keep our houses. Understand that roaches are dangerous to humans and pets. They can carry diseases. They also can carry botulism from one […]

Flea Instructions

Flea Instructions HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR TREATMENT? PREPARE TO BE GONE (your pets also) FOR 2-3 HOURS; floor surfaces and upholstery will need time to dry. CLEAR ITEMS FROM THE FLOORS.  Books, toys, shoes should be placed on tables or beds (not on upholstered furniture). Clear items from closet floors, if possible. REMOVE ITEMS STORED […]

Bed Bug Instructions

Bed Bug Instructions YOU MUST PREPARE FOR TREATMENT… FIRST TREATMENT NOTE: Waterbeds must be drained prior to initial treatment. IF YOU HAVE NOT PREPARED PROPERLY, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO TREAT. PLAN TO BE GONE FOR 3 HOURS (pets, too) AFTER TREATMENT.The Bed Bug treatment is extensive and many surfaces will need time to dry before […]

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is coming

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is coming The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is HERE! This insect is native to mainland China. It was accidentally introduced into the U.S., with the first specimen being collected in September 1998. The brown marmorated stink bug is considered to be an agricultural pest. It also is more likely to […]

Wasps & Stinging Insects

Mosquitos, Wasps & Stinging Insects STINGING INSECTS IN OUR AREA DICTIONARY:Solitary – These bees live as mating pairs. There are two bees per nest (king and queen)Colony – These bees have great numbers of workers and usually only one queen Bees and wasps tend to fly in straight lines. If you are where you cannot […]