About Insects

While we all know that in our homes bugs can be pests and need to be dealt with for our comfort and health, we also recognize that insect life is part of God’s creation and bugs are truly fascinating creatures! Here are some links to help you learn more about them, especially those common to Michigan.
The best starting place to learn about bugs is this outreach of the MSU Dept. of Entomology.

MSU also has some more good outreach sites here, including information on a bug about which we are often asked: the asian beetle

The Emerald Ash Borer has been making headlines lately, this is a site with important information about this destructive beetle.

Some of the local butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and spiders are covered at the Michigan DNR’s Insects & Spiders site.

There are some photography sites with excellent photographs of insects, such as Keith Edkins Insect Photos, the Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery, the Clemson University CES Household Insects page, and the fascinating Cedar Creek (MN) Insect Photo Album.

How many mosquito bites would it take to drain all the blood from a human being? In what key does the housefly “hum” as it beats its wings? The answers to these questions and many more can be found at the The Michigan Dept. of Agriculture Good Bugs, Bad Bugs page!

Fascinating Facts About Bees!

If you are musically inclined, you might find The Singing Insects of North America page to be right up your alley! Mr. Walker and Mr. Moore also have a page on the differences between crickets, katdids, and cicadas, in case you were wondering. And if that isn’t excitement enough, the Songs of Insects site is quite entertaining too!

Learning about insects is something most children love! Browsing with your kids at one of these fun and educational sites (homeschoolers take note!) will certainly be time enjoyably spent:
– The Wonderful World of Insects
– The U of M Insect and Arachnid pages
– Bug Bios – a “shameless promotion of insect appreciation”
– Links to lots more fun pages, from the University of Wisconsin!

And, by special request from Adam, a school student in New York, here is a link that he has chosen and requested we include on our site: Insect Collecting and Information for Kids Thanks for your contribution, Adam!

These are just a few of the many great websites about bugs where you can be educated, entertained, and informed!